Connor Burge

Years of experience: 10
Position: Technician

Connor started with us just last year but has 10yrs experience in the technology field.  He has brought knowledge and skill to our business.

Josh Kunce

Years of experience: 20+
Position:  Owner & Technician

Mr. Kunce established Kunce Computers. Inc. to provide computer repair service to businesses as well as home users. 

Christian Budds

Years of experience: 3
Position: Technician

Christian joined our team with young

ambition to learn all he could and has brought excellent skill and customer relations to our staff.

Jenny kunce

Years of experience: 14
Position: Owner & Administrator

Mrs. Kunce helped her husband Josh establish Kunce Computers, Inc. and has been taking care of the administration since 2002.

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Computer Repair Services



We strive to help business owners as well as personal users develop a solid foundation and technical strategy so they can be successful with their computers and other devices.  We will work to improve productivity and provide the services our clients need to correct their technical issues.


Technology is amazing and ever-changing.   It can be difficult to keep up with these changes.  Kunce is here to help you keep up to date with the latest in Technology trends.