Kunce Computers

Kunce Computers is a family-owned business, working tirelessly to serve home and business owners in the Mount Vernon, IL area. Our team has more than 50 years of combined expertise, which we’ve delivered to our more than 8,000 happy customers.

Technology Changes, We Help Keep You Up To Date

Do you often feel as though you can’t keep up with technology? If so, you’re not alone. According to Moore’s Law, a computer’s processing speed doubles every 18 months. This means that within a couple of years, your state-of-the-art technology is obsolete. That’s why our team makes it a point to keep home and business owners in the Mount Vernon, IL up to date on the latest technological advancements and developments.

Josh Kunce

Mr. Kunce established Kunce Computers. Inc. to provide computer repair service to businesses as well as home users. He is the chief technician and has over 20 years of experience.

Jenny Kunce

Mrs. Kunce helped her husband Josh establish Kunce Computers, Inc. and has been taking care of the administration since 2002. She has 14 years of experience.

Caleb Kunce

Caleb is Josh and Jenny’s son and has grown up in the computer business. He is continuing to learn the business and IT Services are his specialty.

Joseph Davis

Joe is currently finishing his education in the IT field. He is moving forward quickly in his computer/IT knowledge.

Our Mission

We strive to help business owners as well as personal users develop a solid foundation and technical strategy so they can be successful with their computers and other devices. We will work to improve productivity and provide the services our clients need to correct their technical issues.


We are a family-owned business, having worked with the Mount Vernon, IL community for nearly two decades.

50+ Years of Expertise

Our team has more than 50 years of expertise combined. From expert walkthroughs to extensive training, we continually seek to deliver this expertise to our customers.

8,000+ Customers

Kunce Computers has served more than 8,000 customers in the area. Because we provide custom security and IT solutions, we can work with anyone.

Our Values

At Kunce Computers, we believe that integrity and honesty are the two most critical elements of a business. We’ve instilled these values in each one of our team members, and seek to deliver them to our customers continually.


We believe in being honest, open, and forthcoming with all of our clients. This means delivering exactly what we say we will and being honest in every situation, helping build trust between our clients and us.


We’ve heard from too many customers who were skeptical of the security industry because of a lack of openness and transparency. Our team will always be upfront and honest. We hope to build a relationship that lasts for years.


We understand how valuable your time is. No matter if it’s for a walkthrough, installation, or follow-up visit, our team will always be on time. We also work quickly to install our products and deliver results.

Our Vision for the Future

At Kunce Computers, we will continue working until every home and business owner in our community is confident in their security system. Our team works tirelessly to provide safety to new customers and the latest hardware and software updates to our existing customers. We strive for the complete satisfaction of everyone with which we work.

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