Managed Services

We are now providing managed services.  For a minimal monthly fee, you can have anti-virus, anti-malware, pc cleaner, systems scanning, software security updates, systems monitoring and more.  All of this is managed, by us (people you can trust), remotely from our location. 

This service can save you money by keeping your computer safe and lowering your cost of IT services. 

Call us today, 1+6182427514 and let us get you or your business set up with this new service.

iPhone Repair

Broken iPhone?  We can fix it here within a few hours.  We know how important your phone is to you.  Bring it on in, drop it off and we'll have it repaired as soon as possible. 

We are here to provide you the services that you need. 

On our Bench

Desktop, laptop, and iPhone repairs.

Virus Removal as low as $79.00

Onsite Service

We can come to your house or your business to repair your computers. 

This service also includes computer networking & configuration, as well as server integration. 

Minimum fee is $40.00

$65.00 an hour for local service.

Surveillance Camera Systems

We sell and install Surveillance Camera Systems.

These systems include the cameras and the DVR for recording the video.  Feel secure even when your not at home or at your business by logging in from your cell phone or computer.  We will get you all set up and show you how to use your system. 

Business IP Telephone Systems

Did you know that we can save you money on your monthly telephone bill?  If your business is using more than one telephone, and if you have high speed Internet, we can set you up!  This phone system is Internet based and very reliable.  You will no longer need to pay an extra phone bill.  There will be a small monthly fee for a SIP line provider, but it is very minimal.   The initial set up is a bit pricey, but it will usually pay for itself within a year!

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